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Videorati for business-to-business social media can help your business listen, engage, convert and ultimately profit from your followers. We help you craft the right strategies and tactics, on the right platforms, and measure your progress towards your goals. The proof is when you attract more followers, engage with them, convert them to prospects, and sell to them.

Business-to-Business Social Media

question mark and word cloudWe have at our fingertips exciting new platforms by which we can listen, share, convert, and ultimately, profit. However, the challenge for many companies is that they don’t know where to start. They don’t know how to get consistent results. They don’t have the time to learn all about the platforms and how to use them. Unfortunately, too often social media agencies want to teach you everything they know. They have it backwards. At Videorati, we invest in learning about your business.

Meet D’Anne Hotchkiss

Videorati Managing PartnersDAnne HotchkissI am D’Anne Hotchkiss and I help busy and stressed marketers learn only what they need to about social media so they can effectively market their products, services, and brand on line and get back to their priority marketing tasks. I believe that social media has the power to change how you market, and even how you think about, your organization. My goal is to make social media for your business easy for you by eliminating what you don’t need, focusing your efforts only on what you do need.

My career is connecting people to the information they need. First, I worked as a journalist. Later, I owned a marketing communications agency. In mid-career, I was a senior vice president for a Madison Avenue public relations agency. Since then, I’ve built an online presence for a small technology consulting firm and a comprehensive social media program for global company, and everything inbetween. I invested in understanding and mastering the art and science of social media, so that you don’t have to.

Realize the ROI of Business-to-Business Social Media

You work hard to connect with your business clients, partners, influencers, employees, and the media. So, you deserve a return on investment. That’s why I want to work with you to develop and manage your social media strategy to achieve realistic goals. Let’s work together to integrate social media into your organization’s marketing, corporate communications, human resources, and thought-leadership programs so that you can listen, engage, convert, and profit.

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