Is This You?

Are you on the verge of walking away from social media? If so, you’re not alone. Marketers, corporate communicators, thought-leaders, and human resourcers sometimes struggle to initiate or implement a successful social media program. They’re frustrated, confused, and say things like this:

“It’s too hard.”

“It takes too much time.”

“I don’t see any ROI.”

Think of social media platforms as individual tactics of your marketing and communications programs. Each platform is selected for the way it supports a specific strategy and objective.

A social media program built on the right platforms and using the right approaches will help you listen, engage, convert and ultimately profit. Videorati is here to support your agenda, whether you want to establish an in-house team and need some support, restart a failed effort, simply measure your progress or evaluate your goals, or want ain impartial third partyt to help you choose the right agency to outsource your program.

How Can Videorati Serve You?

There are several ways that Videorati can help you and your organization.


When you want to assess your current program, devise a strategy, or establish a new program.


A free one-hour consultation when you just need to address specific problems or have questions about your social media program.

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For a Videorati social media workshop when you want a quick-start guide to taking your social media to the next level.

Schedule a Workshop

For you and your team. We offer one-, two-, or three-day interactive in-person programs customized for your needs from 12 different modules. You will learn only what you need to know, develop skills you need to implememt an effective social media program that meets your objectives, and set your roadmap for continuing success.

Retainer Consulting on Demand

With a convenient subscription plan, you can arrange for ad-hoc consulting services as you need them, when you need them. You can mix-and-match services at any time during the year and should your needs change, you can always purchase additional time at a discounted rate.

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