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Welcome to Videorati, the firm to help you use social media for business-to-business. We believe that a strategic program allows you to: Listen, Engage, Convert, and ultimately, Profit, through your relationships with your business clients, partners, influencers, employees, and the media.

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Social Media for Business-to-Business

Still here? Okay, happy to be your guide. Maybe you’re interested in a one of our Workshops? We offer four different workshops in cities across the U.S. If you’d like a workshop in your city, or chat about anything related to social media, use the Let’s Talk contact page to let us know. Or perhaps you want focused help on your business? The Consult page outlines the social media consulting services, just choose the option that is right for you. (It might even be free!)

Did you check out the recent blog posts over to the right? Managing partner D’Anne Hotchkiss shares information that you can use to build a strong and effective social media program on just the right platforms. Content is identified by categories, so you can easily find information, whether your interest is in using social media to Listen, Engage, Convert, or Profit. There’s also a category on Live, where she talks about live video, live streaming, and podcasts.

What’s it Mean to Listen. Engage. Convert. Profit? 

Let’s start with the basics.

Videorati Social Media Listen


Social media is not all about posting, podcasting or streaming live video. Often, it makes more sense to listen first and talk later. Assessing what is said about your company, products, brands, leadership, or other aspects of your organization and operations, is key to knowing what you should talk about.

Videorati Social Media Engage


An overlooked part of effective social media use is to like, comment, share, reply, and otherwise interact with your followers. The more you engage with your followers, the more likely they are to engage with you by commenting, sharing, replying and otherwise interacting with you. Engagement takes time, and trust.


Videorati Social Media ConvertConvert:

Social media can be a powerful lead generation tool. Converting starts with creating and sharing high-value content. It is the third step, after listening and engaging, so of course it takes time. It also requires testing—another form of listening. You can convert through non-paid content and through digital marketing.


Videorati Social Media Profit


Once you’ve built trust and converted some of your followers to leads, a portion of those will become customers, right? Of course. But, there’s more to selling on social media than simply leading people to your website. You can also profit through promoting your events, products, and services on social media.